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May. 24th, 2016 01:17 pm
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Because he is concentrating on the book he is reading, leaning over the heavy leather-bound volume propped up on the lectern as he struggles to decipher the antiquated letters, Leon doesn't hear Cloud come into the study.

Cloud hesitates in the doorway for a moment, looking at the spread of Leon's shoulders, the swell of his triceps, the inch of neck showing where he's pushed his hair behind one ear, and steps up behind him, wrapping his arms around Leon’s hard midriff.


Leon feels Cloud’s breath in his ear, his fingers knotting in the front of his t-shirt, his knees pushing into the backs of his knees.

Defences to be mended… Cloud’s hands move to cup the knobs of bone at Leon’s hips… rota to organise… his teeth closing over the back of his ear lobe… oh, god…

Leon gropes behind him blindly with one hand, burying his fingers in the soft spikes of Cloud’s hair, turns around inside his arms, leans back against the lectern. “Yeah,” he mutters, “w...”

Cloud covers Leon's open mouth with his own, tongue pushing in, fingers under fabric, pulling at his flesh, up over the taut muscles of his stomach, up onto the heavy slabs of his chest, thumbs rough on his nipples. Leon gasps against Cloud's urgency, again as Cloud's teeth close on his lower lip, again as he pushes his hips into Leon, hard against him.

Leon drops his hands to cradle Cloud's ass, pulls him closer, mashing his mouth against him, teeth and tongues and saliva and Cloud's breath short and quick in his nose.

"Fuck me," Cloud breathes, fingers tugging at the belts draped around Leon's waist. He is making a little sound in his throat, feral and needy. "Fuck me."

Cloud has the belts undone and Leon's trousers down around his thighs, both hands pulling at him. "Fuck me, Leon. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Leon takes Cloud by the shoulders and turns him, bends him forward over the curving desk. Cloud has his own trousers around his knees, is fumbling at Leon's stiff dick behind him, almost dragging him in. Leon feels the tight nub of Cloud's muscle, pushes forwards, and forwards, and forwards. Cloud shouting.

Leon means to go slow, but Cloud is screwed to the sticking place, taut and tight around him, yelling and bucking under him. Cloud comes on Leon's fifth thrust, stuff stuttering across the top of Ansem's desk. Leon is only seven panted breaths behind, growling through gritted teeth as he falls forwards over Cloud's shaking shoulders.

"So what was that about?" Leon asks, when he can speak again.

Cloud shrugs, pulling the disordered spikes back into place on his head. "Nothing."

"Nothing?" Leon raises an eyebrow.


"Okay. Well, in that case," Leon pulls his pants up, fastens the belts around him, "I should get back to work."

"Okay," Cloud shrugs. "See you later." Starts to pull his pants back on.

"Wait," Leon says.


Cloud's lusts are mercurial, as quick and fierce as a summer storm, and over as quickly as they come. Leon's smoulder, slow to catch but once caught burning hot and long.

Leon nods.

"I thought you were busy?" Cloud takes hold of Leon's hand, presses it against him.

"I was." Leon flexes his fingers, stroking the soft skin below Cloud's navel. "Now I'm busy with something else."

"Mmm," Cloud says, shivering as Leon kisses him again, long and slow and lingering. "Woke the sleeping lion, huh?"

"Squa-aaallll!" Faint and away down the corridors, Yuffie, calling. "Squaalll-yyy!"

Cloud feels Leon tense and pull away slightly.

"It's okay," he says, "she's only just out of the Postern by the sounds of it. There's time."

"Time for what?" Leon manages a small smile; kisses Cloud again; feels him getting hard, pants still rucked around his knees. Hears the door handle start to turn.

"Shit!" Cloud hisses, and dives for the chair. "Quick!"

Leon glances around the room. The door is starting to open. No time to get into the secret passage. Only one thing for it.

"Leon? Leon are you there?" Tifa's voice. Yuffie, still calling, still away in the distance. "Oh. Cloud."

Leon is on his hands and knees beneath the desk. Cloud is sitting on the edge of Ansem's throne with his pants half-way down his thighs and his erection pressing against the underside of the desk. Above him and behind him he can hear Tifa's questions; Cloud's curt responses. Leon reaches up and takes hold of Clouds erection, pulls it down away from the desk an inch or two, lets go.

Cloud makes a small strangled noise and Tifa stops saying whatever it was she had been saying. "Cloud?" she says, and Leon can hear the uncertainty creeping into her voice. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Cloud mutters. "I'm just a bit stiff is all."

"Oh, you poor thing! Has Leon been working you too hard?" Certain members of the Restoration Committee had the impression that a full day's work was too much to expect from anyone.

Under the desk, Leon inches Cloud's pants across his thighs, over his knees, down around his ankles; drops his head and runs his tongue slowly over the rucked skin of Cloud's balls.

"No," Cloud gasps, "don't... don't think... that. He hasn't anything I... can't handle."

"You boys," Tifa laughs, but the laugh sounds forced, as if she's half certain something is going on at her expense. "You're so competitive. Always trying to out-do each other."

"It's not much of a fight," Cloud says, before he can stop himself.

Under the desk, Leon takes Cloud's balls in his mouth, sucks on them gently, and then harder, rolling them under his tongue.

"Cloud?" Leon can hear the suspicion in her voice. "Are you sure you're alright? You’re shaking."

"I'm f... I'm fine," Cloud stammers. Leon has let Cloud's balls flop out of his mouth and taken hold of his dick in one hand. He squeezes it, hard, and starts to slide his hand up and down the shaft, slowly.

Leon hears Cloud's breath hiss out between his teeth, cutting off as he drags his tongue along the underside, long and slow until he meets his own descending hand and drops back down to push around again at Cloud's balls.

"Are you sure? Maybe you should get Merlin to give you a potion. You look flushed."

Leon takes Cloud's dick in both hands, opens his mouth wide and lowers his face, sliding his wet tongue over the exposed glans. Cloud's fists come down on the table with a thud and one knee starts to knock against Leon's shoulder. Leon starts to move his head backwards and forwards, taking Cloud's dick into his mouth until it bumps against the narrow constriction of his throat. Leon pulls back slowly, sucking hard at him, tongue rasping over the glans again.

"I... can't..." Cloud says, "stop..."

"Stop what?"

"Looking...." Cloud gasps.

"Oh, Cloud! Not that again!" Tifa sounds genuinely concerned. "You're making yourself ill over this obsession with Sephiroth. Look at you! You're flushed, you're shaking, you can barely speak, you're clearly in some kind of pain. And as for Leon, making you wait for him here, he should know better! Where is he, anyway?"

Under the desk, Leon has Cloud's twitching dick in his hands, tip rubbing against his face as it jumps and jerks as Cloud tries not to come.

"Oh, you know L... Leon," he hears Cloud moan. "He'll have his hands full taking c... care of someone somewhere."

"True," Tifa nods. "He is a kind man. Well, tell him I was looking for him will you, if you see him."

Leon give two fast tugs at Cloud's dick, takes it into his throat as Cloud starts to orgasm, buries his nose against Cloud's belly, pushing into him as he comes, back off him to catch the last of it on his tongue.

"Ah... I... huh.. ah.. will," Cloud splutters through gritted teeth. "And if you see him first, tell him I'm going to kill him."

"Oh, you boys, you do love to fight," Tifa says, leaving the study.