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Kingdom Hearts:
You're Back on tumblr
Desk Job
The Doll, or Who Will Come To Take You Away?
Uneasy Spirit, Let Go Of Me on AO3 or FFN
Through Your Eyes on FFN
Some Temptations Are Too Much To Bear on FFN
O You Whom I Often And Silently Come on FFN
Monsters on FFN or tumblr
In The Ruins on FFN
Frankie and Tic-Tac at the Royale Hotel on FFN
Delivery Boys on FFN
69 on FFN

Like A Clock With A Single Hand, Like Honey
Crow Bait
Corn King, Winter King
The Wind That Blew The Ash Away
Quartet For The End Of Time
In The Fall Of A Sparrow
Bedroom Eyes
A History Of Silence

Hearts Struck Blind on FFN
Cupbearers Of Wine And Hellebore on FFN
And The Cake Got All Over The Walls on FFN

Other Kingdom Hearts
Tin Angel (Kairi, Riku, Sora)
The Monsters Who Did Not Bark In The Night (Jack Skellington, Organization XIII)
Promise Me Something (Kairi, Riku, Sora)
Love, In A Glass, Darkly (Axel/Larxene)
Like Eating Glass (Kairi, Riku, Sora)

Final Fantasy VIII:
Come Over Here And Make Me (Quistis Trepe/Selphie Tilmitt) on tumblr
Snowballs (Orphanage Gang) on FFN or tumblr
Ragamuffin Gunner Returning Home Like A Hungry Runaway (Selphie Tilmitt/Laguna Loire) on FFN
Iron In The Soul (Quistis Trepe/Seifer Almasy) on FFN

Other fandoms:
Red (Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart) on FFN
Fucking Jean Kirstein (Mikasa Ackerman/Jean Kirstein) on FFN

Dung (AkuRoku)
Open The Bruise Up (AkuRoku)
A Little Mouse With Clogs On (AkuRoku/Strifehart)
A Song To The Siren (Vexen/Ven)
KH drabble (Riku, Sora)
KH drabble (AkuFa)
KH drabble (Riku)