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12:03 pm

And The Cake Got All Over The Walls

12:05 pm

Cupbearers Of Wine and Hellebore

12:24 pm

Delivery Boys

12:26 pm

Frankie and Tic-Tac at the Royale Hotel

12:28 pm

Hearts Struck Blind

12:32 pm

In The Ruins

12:35 pm

Iron In The Soul

12:37 pm


12:39 pm

O You Whom I Often and Silently Come

12:40 pm

Ragamuffin Gunner Returning Home Like A Hungry Runaway

12:41 pm


12:42 pm

Some Temptations Are Too Much To Bear

12:43 pm

Through Your Eyes

12:45 pm

Uneasy Spirit, Let Go Of Me

12:48 pm

Bedroom Eyes

12:49 pm

In The Fall Of A Sparrow

12:50 pm

Like Eating Glass

12:52 pm

Love, in a Glass, Darkly

12:53 pm

Promise Me Something

12:54 pm

Quartet For The End Of Time

12:58 pm

The Monsters Who Did Not Bark In The Night

12:59 pm

The Wind That Blew The Ash Away

01:02 pm

Tin Angel

01:11 pm


01:12 pm

Crow Bait

01:13 pm

Like A Clock With A Single Hand, Like Honey

01:17 pm

Desk Job

01:18 pm

You're Back

01:45 pm

Come Over Here And Make Me

01:48 pm

Fucking Jean Kirstein

01:51 pm


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